Multi-language RISE courses?

Feb 16, 2017


what about having the possibility to create a course with multi-language contents (video, text, labels) ?

someone interested?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fabio,

Great question - are you looking for an option where a user chooses their language at the beginning or a way to optimize a course and translate it into multiple languages? Would love to know a bit more about what you're envisioning and from there we can figure out some resources and ideas to share, or get the ideas into the hands of our Product team as a feature request! 

Jordan Rodger

Hi Ashley,

Picking up on an old thread here. I'd be interested to know if there was a way you knew of, where one could allow users to select the language they want to view a course in. So they would click a single SCORM (or similar) package link, and then essentially X number of courses would be hosted within that one link, which the user can select from before beginning the course. 

Of course we could just provide X number of links, but we are looking to reduce the number of links and courses our clients would have to manage.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for bringing this back up. It sounds similar to what Fabio mentioned above as well.

It sounds like you are asking about some branching options, similar to what you can do in Storyline today, but this is not a feature of Rise at this time.

Have you considered using Storyline for this? Be sure to check out the following article to make sure you are using the best tool:

How to Choose the Right Tool for Every Job

Allison LaMotte

Hi Ernst-Jan,

Thanks for reaching out! I don’t currently have any updates on this, but stay tuned to our What's New page for information on feature releases. 

If you have time to log a feature request and tell us more about how you'd like it to work, that would be super helpful!

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Nathan Jordan

Hi Team,

Do you realise how unprofessional this is, how can a large global organisation host multiple different versions of the same course on a single LMS?

In my organisation I need to translate into 10+ languages.

In a recent example I need a different version of a learning for each country we operate in this means we could have over 30 different versions of the same course.

Please add this to your "roadmap" as a priority.


Martin Talbot

I'm in a similar situation to Nathan, as I work for a global company and would be very interested in providing courses in something other than just English. Currently,we rely on those learners for whom English is not their first language having a good command of English to successfully follow our curriculum and pass their exams. This isn't always realistic, however. I'm aware of the multi-lingual capabilities of Storyline, but the courses that I develop use Rise as the foundation and I insert Storyline blocks as and when I want to go beyond the confines of the in-built Rise interactions.

I would love to see multi-language support built into Rise! I'll add it as a new feature request!



Candice Ribi

Hi all, we have the same challenge. We're a global company with 30k employees, operating in 120+ different countries. We're currently working on a global Brand training, which needs to be translated into different languages. We'd like to have only ONE eLearning module with a language selector, rather than having like 20+ modules with different language versions. 

What's the status on this language topic for Rise? Can anyone please share any update with me?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Candice Ribi

Thanks a lot for your prompte feedback, Crystal. All right, understood. Is there any (technical) reason why the multi-language feature for Rise isn't on your near-term roadmap? According to this blog as well as other e-learning heroes communities, users were requesting that feature already 3-5 years ago. In my opinion, this would be a huge benefit for international companies. In terms of managing and maintaining eLearning modules on Articulate Rise, having only one module with different language versions would be less complex and much easier to handle (from an admin point of view). 

Jess Thomasson

Our team has found a way to make multi-lingual Rise courses, although they are a bit clunkier than a multi-lingual Storyline course.  It involves making copies of a course, sending those copies off for translation in the target language, and then copying the translated lessons back into the English course. We have only tried this with a maximum of three languages. 

For this to work, you start with Lesson 1 as a button stack.  Each button leads to a different Introductory lesson in the selected language, and the learner's navigation is restricted as they progress through the lessons in their selected language.

For each language, the final lesson has a button that takes the user to a quiz.  The quiz contains instructions in each language that essentially says "Type YES to acknowledge that you have completed this course and understood its contents.  Select START QUIZ to begin the quiz."

The quiz contains multiple correct responses (the word "yes" in all three languages included in the course).  

There are some specific navigation settings that you have to choose for this to work. First, navigation mode must be set to Free.  Then you select No Sidebar, and lesson count labels must be Off, previous and next buttons must be On.


Hi Articulate Team, is there an update to this thread? I think multi-language feature in Rise should be a priority enhancement. It will be great if you can also look at these suggestions below:

  1. Ability to change language of block labels: This will be handy in creating lessons that are displayed in a target language
  2. Ability to compress video files - If a single Rise module with videos contains all required language versions, the SCORM file size will easily exceed most LMS's file upload limit because all videos will need to be re-uploaded in each language version. This is especially true for videos that need to be in a specific language and for locations like China where video streaming services like YouTube are not accessible.
  3. Ability to choose multiple quiz blocks for completion criteria - Suppose each language section has its own quiz/test as completion criteria, it will be great if we can select multiple test blocks with OR relationship. This way regardless the language the user selects to take, he/she would get a completion mark if the test is passed.

Hope this all makes sense. Thanks for your consideration. Happy to clarify anything if needed.

All the best!

Kristen Morgan

Language courses offer a very good rationale for the need to be able to define multiple languages within one course/document  either as inline or as block elements. 

The related need to be able to use different fonts/script blocks within a course or as inline or block elements for sections of the text that appear in different languages to the default would also be awesome.

The tools to do this in online content (generically speaking) are already in web-standards; but the ability to add these tags/features in Articulate RISE is not yet available. 

Would love to see the ability to manage multilingual courses/texts as sometimes there are legitimate reasons for using more than one language in the same course/content.

Looking at the road map for features, it looks like some great stuff is coming but these features for multilingual support within a source (language definition and specifying different fonts/scripts) do not appear on the list.