Multiple Audio Language feature is available in Rise 360? Please advice

Aug 09, 2022

Hello all,

I often develop training courses for my (international) customers in English audio. Suddenly it sparks me that, is there any way for Rise 360 to have a video with multiple languages (like German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and so on) audio can be uploaded? Example: Netflix has this feature, if you are watching a movie you can choose your preferred language to watch the movie with your comfortable language. I have seen some time in VLC Media player as well (but selected languages only, if the movie (video) has that option). 

I am pretty sure either one of us in this forum, who might have had a thought of the same idea, I tried to look for a solution in Google as well, could not able to find a solution for this. 

Thanks in advance for any of your suggestions, ideas, and/or time spent on this.

Have a great day!

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Gren Foronda

Hi Arunachalam!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback!

Although we don't have this feature of adding videos with multiple audio languages yet, you can upload a video and then add Closed Captions in different languages for the video. We also suggest localizing the entire Rise course by translating the content and the text labels.