multi-SCO courses with Rise and SCORM Cloud

We are building a set of eight courses in Rise that, for operational and funding reasons, need to be in our catalog as one long course with multiple modules. We'll have eight modules, each one taking about 2-3 hours for a student to complete.

We will be hosting the course in SCORM Cloud. The user experience we want to provide is to have one course in our Catalog, and that course has a menu view that shows each of the eight modules and the completion status of each module. 

The SCORM Cloud tech forum has this post:

" A SCORM Cloud course corresponds directly to a SCORM PIF (package interchange file). The only way to circumvent this would be to create a SCORM package that contains many SCOs within it. This is possible, although few of the authoring tools do this for you. It requires creating a multi-SCO course"

We have thought about stitching all eight sections into one Rise course, then publishing that as one SCORM file. But we are concerned about performance (e.g., load time) issues and other issues with such a large course. 

Does anyone know of good approaches to meeting this need, using the Articulate 360 suite and SCORM Cloud?


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Shawn McCulley

Hi Philippe.

I was having the same issue, needing multiple Rise lessons to work as one long module and I think I've figured out a way to make it work.

First, you need to add an Exit Course button. Add in the button block, change the button text to Exit Lesson or whatever works best for you, and under the Destination setting, set the button to Exit Course (LMS Only).

Second, export the lessons with the LMS setting. I used Scorm 1.2 and set the reporting to "Complete/Incomplete". This is my preference. Passed/Incomplete probably works as well.

Now to make the exported scorm files work as a mulit-sco file, you need to unzip your Rise scorm files and you need to package them back up using a Scorm Packaging software. I use JCA Solution's Simple SCORM Packager (SSP)  v2.8. It cost's $99, but the free trial is a full version and it allows for creating 10 single or multi-sco files. If you have never used this kind of software, there is step by step tutorial here:

In SSP, when browsing for the SCO Index pages, browse to the scormdriver/indexAPI.html file in the unzipped folders of your Rise lessons. After adding all the lessons, complete the final steps in the SSP program. Depending on how many lessons you have, it takes a few seconds to create the Multi-Sco file. The program will say "Not Responding", but it is working. Once it's done, put it up on ScormCloud to test and it should work fine. The Exit course button works. After completing each lesson, a check mark appeared next to each lesson and when I completed all of my lessons and exited out of the window, I got a final "Complete" notification on Scorm Cloud. 

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at