Multiple response question broken?

Jun 13, 2019

Hi - first time poster, sorry if this is the wrong place.

Built a quiz in Rise with multiple response questions and one of them marks the correct answer as incorrect. It also marks the incorrect answer as incorrect, and with a slightly different colour scheme (I'm not sure but I suspect blue is usually supposed to indicate correct and black is incorrect?)

Correct answer marked incorrect blueIncorrect answer marked incorrect blackEditing question

What am I doing wrong? This is the only question of 6 that is misbehaving and I'm very confused. 

Thanks in advance

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Ryan Hasan

I am having this same problem in two different lessons, one of which started life as a Multiple Select, and one that did not. This workaround did not solve the problem in the one that started as a Multiple Choice, rather than a Multiple Select.

This is a very big problem for my client's e-learning course, and is a major glitch that should be getting absolute prioritization. Is anything being done to correct this?

Meghan McKay

Just wanted to tag on to this to say that it is currently happening to us as well. (i.e., it is a current problem no specific to any one user). 

RE: Multiple Responses (MR) questions aren't behaving correctly in Rise. Incorrect feedback is being given on questions that are answered correctly, and it's happening within multiple courses of ours. 

I read in the other thread that this seems to occur when a MC is changed to MR, and the suggested solution to rebuild the question will fix this. I will rebuild the question per the suggestion, but just wondering if Articulate can confirm they are aware of this bug and whether it can be fixed?  

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Meghan. We have this issue documented, but we haven't been able to reliably reproduce this behavior. We found one instance where Rise was looking for more "correct" choices than were available to the learner, leading us to believe that the question might have been updated at some point to remove the additional "correct" answers.

The only solution right now is to remove and recreate the question. Now that we have question banks, hopefully you'll be able to speed up your quiz development time if you use questions more than once!

Karl Muller


I have seen this once before and the cause was having initially created the question as a Multiple Choice type, and after the question had been created, switching the question type to Multiple Response and vice versa.

Multiple Response questions must initially be created as Multiple Response and not switched.

I just recreated the question in your screenshots and the question is working as expected, so this is not a system wide bug.

Kahlia Finch

I’ve even created a new section, and used the multiple response block without any customisation. You can see from the screenshot that the standard correct choice is throwing up an incorrect message at the bottom, despite choice 1 being indicated as one of two correct choices.

Ngā mihi nui,



Karl Muller

Hi Kahlia,

Do one more test:

  • Create a brand new course.
  • Create a new Lesson.
  • Create a new Knowledge Check Multiple Response question just like the one causing problems. Just use the default text in the question, don't copy and paste any text from an outside source.

Does that question work?

Kahlia Finch

Here are the tests I’ve done:

Test 1 –

1. Create New Course
2. Create New Section
3. Create a new Multiple Response knowledge check question
Outcome: Incorrect message appears despite correct choice 1 selected
See “new course – articulate bug” screenshot

Test 2 –

1. Create New Course
2. Create new Quiz
3. Create new multiple response question
Outcome: Incorrect message appears despite correct choice 1 selected
See “new course – articulate bug 2” screenshot

Ngā mihi nui,



Jose Tansengco

Hello Rebecca and Cyd,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. 

If recreating the question didn't work for you, try the following to see if they help:

  • Use a different browser when creating the interaction 
  • Create the question in a new Rise 360 course to test if it will work as expected there. If it does, save the block as a template and import into your original Rise 360 course. 

If the issue persists, open a case with our support team here so we can investigate the issue further.