My Rise course crashes when multiple people get to the video block section

Oct 24, 2018

I built a course thats intended for multiple people to take simultaneously and it crashes when they get to the video block section that has many videos embedded from youtube. It buffers, kicks them out and then says they haven’t started the module.

This is hosted on the Rise network, not an LMS.

They all play fine on my computer when i test it but my computer isn't on the company network. Our company network does allow YouTube. 

Any advise would be appreciated. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Mat!

Thanks for reaching out, and we're here to help! I have a few more questions to help me narrow this down:

  • Are your learners using the Rise "Share" link to access the course?
  • What browser are you using on the company network?
  • Does it crash as soon as the learner gets to the lesson/block, or once they start playing video?

The more information you can provide the better! Let's see if we can figure this out together. 

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