Why does my embedded video only work on windows?

When I embed a video in a rise course from a third party company that provides me safety videos it works in preview mode on my desktop. When I publish to my LMS it works in my desktop but when i view on my smartphone (iphone) I get a blank iframe.   Rise is a perfect tool for me to post these safety videos but most of my users view via smartphone.  I just took a simple premade course from Rise and added in the first block.  

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Steve Heinen


I am thinking that Articulate changed something on yoru side as the embeded videos work two weeks ago and the same videos that were published in a course don't play now. I am using a third party safety company and I tested before I signed up an annual subscription now I cannot use the video library?  

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steve. I'm seeing the same behavior from your original embed code that you shared with Robert in the case. The block plays for me on desktop and on an Android device, but I'm seeing a blank screen in iOS mobile devices. 

I'll share this information with Robert so we can keep working with you on your case!

Steve Heinen

Thank you I have pinged the third party to see if they are having an issue with their SSL certificate. Weird cause this worked last week. I just am wanted to make sure it wasn’t on articulates end that you had ramped you security to only videos supported from embed.ly (DuPont is not)
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