Jul 03, 2017

Hi there,

Are there any plans to add more options around navigation in RISE?

The first page displays a TOC (Table of contents). It would be great if this page could be (optionally) hidden or at least the TOC can be. The TOC assumes that there is a linear learning pathway through the course but not all courses follow this form of delivery i.e. adaptive learning. So it would also be good if the TOC could be hidden from the user in the lesson itself!

Finally, there are some great lesson blocks/activities, which I would love to be able to use stand alone or embed them into into our VLE (again without all the navigation). Is this something in your roadmap?






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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Andrew!  The menu in Rise currently serves as a navigation guide as well as a way for learners to see their progress through the course.  But it sounds like you might have some specialized courses that don't necessarily flow from one lesson to the next.

Would you be able to share an example of how you're using Rise?  I'll touch base with our team and see if we have any features on the horizon that might be useful for you!

Rachel O'Callaghan

Hi Crystal,

I am combining RISE with our LMS system. The LMS takes care of navigation and tracking. I would like to use RISE to create Learning Objects which are then imported into our LMS.

I would also like to use activities built in RISE e.g. a quiz, as a stand alone lesson, which can then be part of a wider course in our LMS. I'm looking at RISE as a tool to provide course components intertwined with LMS content rather than providing the course itself.

Hope that makes sense!

Katie Riggio

Hi everyone,

I see some familiar faces from a similar thread here 🙂

I wanted to circle back here as well to note that users can now customize the sidebar's visibility in Rise! Check out Adam's post here for additional information and a quick video!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and please let us know if you have any other ideas either here or via our product feature request form.

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