New Feature in Rise: Custom Fonts

Hey community peeps! 

We’re super excited to share the latest goodness in Rise: custom fonts. Now you can easily get the perfect look for your course by uploading custom fonts. You’ll be able to use your own custom fonts for headings and body text.

In this quick video, CTO Arlyn Asch shows you how it works. Take a look:

To see all the latest new features in Rise, check out the What’s New page.

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Mark Chitty

Can someone confirm for me that the custom font option only applies to the the headings and body copy?

I can change these but not the items in the menu drawer, I've detailed this in this post:

I want to make sure I haven't missed something obvious!



Malcolm McKinnon

Hi team. I'm trying to upload Lobster Two as a custom font. 

I'm following the steps as described above (and that I've used to successfully install other custom fonts). But it's not appearing on my custom fonts list after I save. 

I've attached the WOFF file that I generated in FontSquirrel.

Thanks for your help!

Garth Philpot

Hi, please could you let me know if the fonts are included in the scorm file? It seems my scorms are directing the browser out to google web fonts when using Roboto. Because I use an LMS that serves content on an intranet, the machine does not have external web access. This is slowing up my load times substantially. can you confirm that if I load a custom font it will build into the scorm, any fonts I attach?

Martika Cox

Hi Malcolm and Garth,

First, I'm sorry you're both having some trouble with uploading custom fonts into Rise 360.

I recommend following these steps for adding and managing custom fonts. If you're still feeling stuck reach out to our support team and they can lend a hand.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Danielle Roy

Hello, have a trial account and testing the custom fonts. I have the .woff files and have uploaded them correctly and they worked for about an hour, however suddenly they have stopped working correctly. It is now only appearing correctly in headings, the body copy font remains as one of the default fonts. Iv'e tried re-saving the .woff file and re-uploading the fonts from scratch several times now. Can't figure out the issue.