NEW IN RISE: Faster Authoring

Oct 16, 2018

Creating content in Rise just got even easier.

We’ve rolled out a new shortcut bar that makes it a cinch to add your favorite blocks to lessons quickly. And with all the prebuilt lesson types available as blocks, you have more flexibility to mix and match block types to create beautiful custom lessons. You can also convert your existing prebuilt lessons into blocks to give your courses a refresh.

Learn more about these cool new features:

We hope you’ll love how these features let you create gorgeous responsive content faster than ever.

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Kelly Meeker

Florian, templates are something you can create yourself so that you can easily reuse content in your Rise courses. Here's more info:

Anthony, we don't currently have plans to add continue blocks after the quiz, but you can add that as a feature request here: 

Irina Poloubessov

Great Feature, many thanks!
Is it possible to convert to blocks only "atomic" lessons, meaning if I created a lesson out of blocks - it itself cannot become a block?

UPD. - Ooops I think I misunderstood the feature. I thought you can pick up a lesson and convert itself into an insertable block, so I can reuse it inside other lessons (add it as my customized block). But it actually converts an "atomic" lesson into a blocked lesson

Kelly Meeker

Hi Irina! You can do exactly what you're talking about using our blocks templates feature.

So if you'd like to combine existing prebuilt lessons into one lesson, just convert them to blocks, save as a template, and then insert into a new lesson. Trina has some great tips on this workflow here: 

Beverly Stokes

I have a Process sequence I was going to try but - the message was I couldn't undo it.

What happens to the sequence? Do I have to input the information and photos again?

What about a labeled graphic - what is the advantage in resetting 6 labelled graphics to 'block' ?Again does all the information transpose in the new blocks?



David Wrede

The bar is helpful, but what would be even more helpful, is if we can define per course, setting defaults for blocks. It's a real time waster to have to set these repeatedly. 

Not sure if this is any better, than setting the top and bottom padding and bg color, however:
I created a course with a lesson that serves as template  that contains all the block types I use with the settings already defined. I then copy the course, and then duplicate the template lesson, and add my content. Unfortunately, what's bad with this approach is that I often to need move a copied block with the new content somewhere well below or above. The Up / Down arrowing of the block can be a real time waster, especially if you heavily intermingle block types like I do, e.g, code snippet then text then code snippet then text, etc.  Can we get a drag and drop UI?

Kelly Meeker

Hi Stuart! Uploading a video file is the way to go. When you record a video in Peek, it's stored in two places:

  • on your C: drive in the Documents>Peek folder
  • in Articulate Review (where you can download a copy of the .mp4)

Just grab the file whatever way is most convenient for you and then upload to Rise.

For Replay projects, just publish to .mp4 and then upload the file to Rise. 

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