New "Reset Learner Progress" Question

Jun 17, 2021

Hello, can anyone give me an example of when I would use the new Reset Learner Progress option when you export your course? There have been many times when we've uploaded a course in our LMS (SumTotal) and have had to update the Rise course (due to new policies for example, I work in government), but need to retain those staff members' results, and give new staff the new version of the course in the LMS. We usually check the box (in SumTotal) to accept the change of the manifest file... then delete the old course and upload the new one. Would this setting help with this? If not, can you please provide examples of its benefits? Thank you :)

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Karl Muller


Example of when you would use this option

You publish a course to your LMS and students start using it.

Later it becomes necessary to make some changes to your Course, and you delete some existing Lessons and add a few new ones. You publish the new version of the course to the LMS.

Students that are currently working through the course may now see a blank screen when they access the course. This happens because the course structure is now different to what is contained in their progress data.

This is when you would use this option, as it would reset their progress data, and allow them to start the course over again. However, their previous quiz results will be maintained.

So this setting is typically not used unless you experience the blank screen issue after republishing an existing course.

Sadig Algazzali

Thanks so much Karl for the info! That makes a lot of sense. Just another question... and this might be specific to SumTotal, but I'm sure you would know the options to choose from... I get the structure question (in SumTotal) about the Rise course (see attached pic), then it asks me to either re-register students or keep in-progress (see other attached pic). Which options do you think I should choose in these two questions? Sorry to ask too much, I just want to make I don't mess anything up. Any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate it :)