Rise 360: Export>Reset Learner Progress setting isn't staying on.

Oct 26, 2021

Hello, I received a notification from our Digital Delivery team that a user was unable to retake a course designed in Rise 360 after failing the exam.

I went to Course Export and looked at the settings. We enable "Track using quiz result" and "Exit Course link." "Reset Learner Progress" was disabled. I enabled the setting, created the zip package, and loaded the course to SCORM Cloud. I took the exam to fail, exited the course, and relaunched the course. I was taken back to the failed exam screen instead of course restart.

I went back to the course in Rise, checked the settings, and saw that "Reset Learner Progress" was disabled. I re-enabled the setting and tried the whole process again and got the same result. Reset Learner Progress was disabled when I rechecked the settings.

I searched the forums and saw where somebody exported the course from the course listing page instead of from within the course itself, and I still got the same result.

I'm attaching the course so you can check it yourself.

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Karl Muller


I found this information related to the purpose of the Reset Learner Progress setting:

Note: If you delete a lesson in your course, then update the course in your LMS, some learners might see a blank page.

If this happens, select More settings and click the Reset Learner Progress option when you export your course.

Then, when learners launch the newly updated course in your LMS, their progress will be reset. Their quiz data will be retained.

Source: https://community.articulate.com/series/rise-360/articles/rise-360-share-a-course-with-learners#lms-reset 

Lea Agato

Hi Eric, are you getting the same results when you test your course in SCORM CloudThis article has troubleshooting steps to help you. If you get the same results in SCORM Cloud, please open a support case here, and one of our customer support engineers will reach out to you directly to troubleshoot this issue!


Gren Foronda

Hi Olivier!

Sorry to hear that you are having the same issue with the Reset Learner Progress option.

Were you able to test the Rise 360 course in SCORM Cloud? Does the same issue occur when viewing the course here as well? 

We recommend creating a support case so we may look into this issue closely. Have a lovely day!

Gren Foronda

Hi Olivier!

The Reset Learner Progress setting is primarily used to avoid getting a blank page for learners taking an updated course. Setting this option will make learners start from the beginning of a newly updated course.

However, this option doesn't apply every time a learner launches a course -- only the first time a learner launches a newly updated course.

Would you like to reset learner progress every time a course is launched? Can you tell me a bit more about why you’d like to have that feature? I’d love to hear your thoughts so I can share them with the team. 

olivier chemin


I'm trying to set up a multi lang package, but Rise content fails on suspend data restoration when switching lang.

I thought the Reset Learner Progress could fix that.

I managed to make it work by overriding the SCORM2004_GetBookmark function.

It would be great if the bookmark restoration had a fallback to the homepage when it fails to find the saved location.