New Rise features: collaboration and publish courses to Articulate Review

Aug 29, 2017

Hi everyone,

We’ve just added some cool new features to Rise and I wanted to give you a quick overview.

Collaboration: Now you can collaborate with other Articulate 360 Teams users on Rise courses, creating and editing different lessons at the same time, or you can take turns. All the changes you and your collaborators make happen in real time, so everyone always works on the most recent version of the course. Check out this video from CTO Arlyn Asch for more details.

Publish Rise courses to Articulate Review: Everyone’s favorite review tool is now available for Rise! Easily gather consolidated feedback from your project team and stakeholders. Just click on Review and Publish. Check out this quick video from Arlyn to see this new duo in action.

And there are more cool features coming soon, such as Rise folders and Storyline blocks! See what’s new and what’s on its way on our What’s New, What’s Next page.

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Donald Kerns

Glad to finally see the announcement of the ability to push to Articulate Review. But has anyone been able to get Articulate Review to actually work with a Rise project??

All my attempts have resulted in:

[spinning icon]
Publishing Course…
You will receive an email when publishing is complete.

Never completes (I navigated away expecting it to continue; also tried leaving the browser window open and it has been sitting for hours), no email, nothing listed in Articulate Review...



Donald Kerns

Wendy, thank you. I was able to publish a different course to Articulate Review. But I think I have figured out the cause -- the course I tried to upload originally to Articulate Review has a rogue video (a support request already submitted last week and I have provided requested info, but no fix yet). 

[History: Last week, I had accidentally added a mp4 video to a 3-column image grid - the grid still shows it as uploading. I am probably going to have to just delete the entire 3-column grid and recreate it from scratch - will see if that fixes the Articulate Review issue on that course. However, it would be nice if Rise warned about an unsupported file being uploaded to the image grid and reject it...].


Andy Nock

Hi, I just tried out the collaboration features. 

I noticed that when i share a course with someone, they do not see the 'Share/Review/Publish/Settings' features.  How can they get access to this?

I noticed also that there is a 'ownership' against the user but not obvious to hover over and see 'Transfer'.

You would really want to be able to give multiple people rights - i.e. edit only, full features etc.

Is this possible? Thank you

Donald Kerns

Wendy, no MP4 is not supported. The video file was in a folder of images being uploaded for 3-column image grid. Rise failed to recognize/warn that it was an invalid type for the grid. It never finishes upload and It cannot be deleted (see below). I moved it to the end of my images so it is less noticeable (it displays as a blank tile). Duplicating the grid did not help. With no fix from Articulate, my next step is to just delete the grid and start over...


Video upload error

Trina Rimmer

Hi Andy. Regarding your question about your colleague not seeing "Review" as a menu option in Rise, currently collaborators can't publish Rise courses to Articulate Review. You can read more about how collaboration features work in Rise with this article from our Knowledge Base.

And on the question of granting collaborators more permissions...that's an interesting idea! I'll pass it on to the dev team as a feature request.

Thanks for sharing your questions and ideas with us.

Trainer Massage

Also, when in Feedback Mode in Articulate Review l really like that the review topics have been categorised according to lessons by showing the Lesson Heading band - would it be possible to have the Lesson Number be automatically included as part of each Lesson Heading? ie. can we do the same as what is shown in Course Preview mode where the Lesson Number automatically appears as part of the title for the next lesson?

Trina Rimmer

My bad, Robert! Maybe time to get my eyes rechecked. :-)

You can delete courses (the tiles) from your Articulate Review dashboard by hovering over the ellipsis to the right of the course name and selecting delete. I snapped a quick picture of that for you...

Deleting a course from Articulate Review

Hope I've understood and answered your question this time!

Donald Kerns

Thanks but no need - I deleted the problematic grid and started over with a new grid.

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