No tool I've tried works well translating Rise courses. Please help!

Hi everyone,

The Rise translation feature seems like it should work really nicely, yet it never has for me. I have followed the steps to the letter and still I see 'import failed'.

When I submitted a case, someone told me that I or one of the professional agencies I've paid had changed the code of the XLF file. This is most likely down to the XLF editor that was being used by me or the translation agencies.

Please, please can someone suggest a tool or site that works for them that doesn't totally mess up the code when exporting to xlf 1.2? If it's free, that's would be a bonus. I will try anything to end this tedious, 8-hour-copy-past-as-a-workaround nightmare. 

Many thanks,


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Cass Netzley

Tom, you could take a look at this handy application that utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for translations of all kinds. It's geared specifically to work with SL and Rise. I've tested both and we've been using it as a baseline for translating large projects. Super helpful and cost-effective. It works with XLFF exports and the developer is quick to respond if you run into any roadblocks/need help.

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