Open text box/field in Rise 360

May 08, 2019

Hi. Is it possible to add an open, blank text field in a lesson on Rise 360? I would like users of my course to be able to write reflective comments as I pose questions.

Thanks, Dan.

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Elizabeth Condon

Hi Dan,

This feature isn't available in Rise yet, but thank you for letting us know that it's important to you. It's always helpful to know how in-demand a feature is and the Articulate team currently has a feature request logged for this capability. In the meantime, you could always build a free response question in Storyline and embed it in Rise using a Storyline Block.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jenn,

If you design a free-response or survey question in Storyline 360 and embed it in Rie 360, the course facilitator won't be able to read the learner's response.

If you want the ability to capture the learner's reflection, you can embed a survey from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!

<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

You'll have to log in to the third-party tool to read the reflection, then provide feedback to the learner through email or your LMS's communication tool. 

Andrea DiMatteo

So I am gathering we still do not have the ability to add an open text box field that allows learners to respond to reflection questions that do not need to be graded. Is this correct? I'm following through multiple posts that look like they date back 3 years ago on this topic. I'm trying to find a way to do this that is not outside of Rise as I want to package it all in one SCORM bundle. Is this possible? Thanks!

Rob Hanna

I created a text box in Storyline (just a blank input text) and then brought that into a Rise 360 course as a Storyline block. Works perfectly in Preview mode in Rise.

My LMS is D2L. When a student opens the course and clicks on a unit that contains one of the text boxes, it automatically defaults them down the page to the text box, instead of allowing them to start at the beginning and get to the text box after completing previous content. Any ideas on how to change this so that this doesn't happen?