Options for Non-Bold and Bold heading text

Oct 03, 2019


I was wondering if there is an option to have text in a header, subheader be the normal (non bold) font and not bold as it is by default. The style my company uses has both in headings and I would like to keep to the brand guide as much as possible.


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Karl Muller

Rise does not allow you to change the defaults for any block styles.

What we do is to create a block, and then modify the Rise default style to what we need. We then save the modified block as a Template, We do this for each type of block that requires a specific style.

We make these templates available to our team, allowing us to maintain brand and style consistency. 

Bas van Dijen

Well that is one way of doing it, thanks!

With an eye on accessibility, and in particular screen readers, the formatting of text in headers and paragraphs has huge benefits. That's the biggest reason for me to keep using the "Header, Paragraph" block.

Hopefully it is an easy from Articulate to fix/adjustment to make the bold optional.

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