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May 14, 2018

I have a course which has lesson, quiz, lesson, quiz, lesson, quiz. I have the quizzes set up so the student can have three retries. I also have the Require Passing Score to Continue turned on. This all works exactly as I'd like it to work however I have not found any way of delivering feedback to the user if they fail all attempts. They are given their result and the X to show they have failed again and of course no re-try button as they have run out of retry options. They are left not being able to re-try and not being able to move one (which is what I want), but with not feedback or instruction. Ideally I would be able to customize some text here 'You have reached the maximum number of attempts for this quiz. Please exit the course and ......'. Does anyone know any way around this situation, or if there is a feature planned that will allow for overall quiz feedback? Thanks. Louise.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louise,

That behavior is something we've recently reported to our team, that if you enable both options your users are then stuck if they don't meet the passing score before hitting the maximum number of attempts. I'll include your discussion in that report so that I can update you if we have any information from our team about changing this set up. 

In the meantime, you'll want to look at only enabling only one of those options. You could also provide messaging to the user at the start of the course that if they exceed the number of attempts and don't pass, that they'll be locked out from continuing further and direct them to contact the course admin to reset their progress (if using an LMS) and then they can reattempt. 

Louise Lindop

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your prompt reply. I plan to do as you suggest and make it clear up front what will happen if they exceed the allowed number of attempts.

This said I think it is definitely something that needs to be addressed. I can't do without the Require Passing Score to Continue as I need them to pass and Rise doesn't allow me to 'Complete' based on scores across multiple quizzes. My client requires the student to have a limited number of tries so taking this limit off isn't an option either.

Many thanks

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