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Hi, I am using the new Rise quiz feature where we can stop the user from moving on until they get the quiz correct.

However, I need to give the users 2 attempts before they can fail the quiz but move on to complete the module, (with the fail/complete being sent to the LMS). 

So I chose 2 attempts in the quiz settings. When I tested this, I got the quiz wrong on the 2nd attempt and expected to be able to move on after that but no, there is no retry button (which I expected) but I cannot move on either as the next lesson is still locked. I am now stuck inside the module.

Then I found this: https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Quiz-Settings  which states 'If you limit the number of times learners can retake the quiz and they fail all attempts, they won’t be able to advance to the next lesson or complete the course.' 

This seems very illogical. What is the point of having the attempts option if the users can't move on once they fail all attempts. They are essentially stuck.

Can this please be fixed urgently, our users need a certain number of attempts and if they fail those attempts they need to be able to move on without being stranded inside the module.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fonterra, 

Thanks for reaching out here! I took a look and noted that it seems those two options can be a bit in competition with one another - as once a user has reached the number of attempts and you're requiring them to pass the quiz  to move forward, they're stuck if they've failed every time. Are you hoping that they'd be able to continue upon failing? 

If you're looking to register the fail - uncheck the option to "Require Passing Score to Continue" and that way the user can attempt the quiz two times and continue upon failing the first or the second time. If you want to remind them that they need to attempt the quiz a total of 2 times, I'd look at adding a block lesson immediately after the quiz with that instruction and letting them know they could navigate back to retake it. 

I've shared this with our team to look at other settings that could be included in this, or ways in which we can better document it, as your situation got our discussion rolling on how those two settings should or can work together! I'll keep you posted on that here.

Thanks for bringing it up and please let me know any other ideas or thoughts on how you'd like to see this working! 

Kim Rushbrooke

Hello Ashley,

Wondering if your team have done any further development on expanding the quizzing capability within RISE.  Relating to the query from Fonterra.  RISE is doing what I want, and that is preventing learners from progressing further when they fail their 3 attempts. However, as you know the course comes to a grinding halt. I would prefer a message to the learner to confirm the outcome and have them STOP THERE but go back and review the learning.  Then re-attempt or a message suggesting they reach out to one of their trainers etc.  The alternative as suggested by yourself is to 'uncheck' the 'require passing score to continue', so they still get through. When export and imported into the LMS, will the results show to the trainer via gradebook the learner completed the course but the results was say 80% out of 100%.  This result is probably determined when you import the scorm and set conditions for completion and passing etc.

Thanks for your insight.  P.S.  I enjoy designing in RISE, it speeds up my workflow but it does lack the ability to make settings on the user's performance as stated above.

Keep up the great work with RISE :)

Jenny Armanious


Speaking of Rise Quiz settings, I was wondering if there were any plans to develop an option for quiz questions to indicate to the user if the answer is correct/incorrect without giving the user the correct answer. That would be extremely helpful- I am getting that request more and more from students. Thanks!

Kim Rushbrooke

Hi Allison

Thank you your reply.

We have decided on a workaround. Just to extract the questions and use a simple quiz in the LMS. I am started to realise the purpose of RISE the more I use it. It's the best at making my workflow quick and efficient, everyone I show RISE to is impressed and wants it. So if its formative and acquiring theory and learning its perfect. However if I try to make it work like Storyline or any quiz function in the LMS, it doesn't measure up. But maybe its not supposed to be a replacement but an enhancement.

Thanks again, best wishes



Allison LaMotte

Hi Kim,

Glad you were able to find a suitable workaround! You're right - Rise isn't intended to be a replacement for Storyline, but a different tool for different types of projects. :) Here are some articles that will help you decide which tool to use when:

I hope that's helpful! :)

PS Just thought I'd point out that when you respond directly from your email, your signature is appended to the message. You may want to pop in there and edit out any personal information that you don't want to share with the community.