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Jan 13, 2023

In Rise 360, what happens if the course owner no longer has licensed access to a course, can the collaborators assume ownership of the course easily or is it only the current owner that can transfer ownership of  course?

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Susi B

Hey Karen,

if the owner has no license anymore, the courses will be deleted after 6 months. So it would be wise to transfer the ownership before that. Only the course owner can transfer ownership. If you gave the role "course manager" to someone, then the manager can duplicate a course and is the owner of this new course duplicate. A course author can´t do this.

If you are removing someone and have more than 1 license you can also transfer all courses to another license, when you remove someone. But (as far as I know) only rise courses are transferred and not review content.

So my tip: If someone is leaving the company and you want to remove this person, edit the account information of this person and instert a new e-mail which NEVER had an articulate account before. This only works with never registered e-mails. It doesn´t work, if they had registered for a trial before. After changing the account informations and saving, you can request a new password. Now you have all content of rise and review on this new account.



Hazel Bartolome

Hi Karen! 

In addition to the information that Susi provided above, the admin or the account owner can follow the instructions from this link to transfer ownership of the course to another team member:

Articulate 360 Teams Managing Content When Users Leave Your Team

Let me know if this information is what you're looking for!


Karl Muller

Hi Ashley,

Each Rise course can have a single Owner.

  • The Owner can do everything.
  • A Manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, set a Share password, or delete the course. 
  • An Editor can't access any of the menu options. They can only edit the course. 

Source https://community.articulate.com/articles/rise-360-work-on-content-with-other-team-members