Ownership of Rise 360 course - owner has already left the organization

Oct 29, 2021


A team member left on Oct. 20th. They shared a copy of their Rise 360 courses so that the two of us left could complete the edits and upload them to our LMS. I was able to edit the copy they shared with me, but since they are still listed as the owner of the content, I am not seeing the option to export it or duplicate it so it becomes my own. Is there a way we can do that now, even though they have already left? Or do I have to recreate all the courses under my own account? 



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Karl Muller

Hi Annique

The team member that left, should have one of you the new course owner.

This can still be done. Someone in your organization is the Articulate 360 account administrator. The administrator can remove the employee that left, and assign all their courses to you as the new course owner.

See https://community.articulate.com/articles/articulate-360-teams-managing-content-when-users-leave-your-team