Placing Storyline review links as modules in Rise

We just added a module from Review 360 into a Rise slide and while this is a wonderful thing it leads me to a couple of questions.

How long does the content on Review 360 stay in place?

Is this for the life of the Articulate 360 license?

What is the storage capacity, if any, for the review server?

Does the Rise course track quiz results from the Storyline module?

Best, Steve 


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Karl Muller

If you have added a Storyline block within a Rise course, that Storyline block is now a part of the Rise course. 

Once you have added a Storyline 360 interaction from Review 360 into a Rise course, the file you exported from Storyline  360 to Review 360 is no longer referenced. Review 360 is only the transfer mechanism to get the content from Storyline into RIse.

The Rise course does not communicate with the Review 360 server when learners take the Rise course.

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Karl!

To add, there is no storage limit for your content in Review 360. And your content stays there until your Articulate ID is no longer with an active subscription.

Also, you can track the Storyline quiz score in a Rise 360 course. Choose to track by quiz result when you publish from Storyline to Review 360, and then track the Rise 360 course by the Storyline block. The Storyline quiz score will be sent to the LMS, but question-level details aren't.