Please can we have additional features on RISE Quiz Results Page?

Dec 21, 2018

Hi all

I am wondering if anyone at Articulate can give us any idea when there may be some additional features added to Rise so that we have more control over the quiz results page. I am loving Rise and have 50+ courses developed in Rise, but am finding the lack of functionality in this area very limiting and frustrating for the following reasons:

  • You can’t turn the take again button off which often confuses users as it is pretty much the only obvious thing to click on the screen.
  • You can’t include any customised text or buttons which tells them what to do Next or directs them elsewhere. Quizzes are often the last thing in a course and when the user passes the quiz the only obvious option on the screen is Try Again. I understand you can turn this off by limiting to 1 try, but this is rarely what is required. I also understand you can add another lesson with ‘What’s Next’ options but this relies on the user scrolling down to the What’s Next section and is really a workaround.
  • The current design is particularly problematic if, for design reasons, you have disabled previous and next buttons at the start and end of each lesson. If your menu is displayed, the user may intuitively go to the menu after passing a quiz and select the next lesson. If the menu is not displayed, (ie, they are on a mobile device) you are relying on the user to click the hamburger icon to display the menu to move on. Many users would not instinctively do this and would get ‘stuck’ in the course at this point. Getting stuck would be OK if we could give them an instruction and tell them what to do, but we can’t.

Any information on when we might see some features in this area would be great.

If anyone else is similarly frustrated and would like to add their voice to this topic, that would also be good.




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Patricia de Souza

Rather than allowing the learner to just try again if they fail the quiz, I would like them to go back and review the training material (which I can do by adding a "what to do next lesson) -  however I can only  disable the Quiz "try again" button by not allowing a retry, however I need to allow a retry after they have reviewed the material - how do I do this?.... Can I do this???

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Patricia,

While there isn't a way to force the learner to go back and review lesson content before retaking the quiz, you could create some instructions for what the learner should do if they fail the quiz. Here's an example of what that could look like!

Also, I'll let our team know you need additional options for controlling quiz retakes. Thanks for the idea!

Patricia de Souza

Hi Alyssa

I saw your example in another discussion and have already implemented it in my porject, as it is a good idea...

The only issue with it, is that learners are more likely to go straight for the "Take Again" option, rather than going for the "what to do next" Lesson as the "Take Again" button is directly under the big fat notification saying they have failed. Given the chance most of my audience will keep doing the quiz until they get the right result! If they use up all their retake chances and then go back and view the material they will not be able to do the test again!

If therefore we could have some control over including or not the take again button but still allowing a retake that would be awesome!

Crystal Horn

Hi, Maureen. We'll update this discussion with any customizations that we enable for the quiz results page. 

In the meantime, you may be able to get an "incomplete" in the LMS if you use a "complete course" trigger in your Storyline quiz and track by the the Storyline block when exporting in Rise. Here's how:

  • Add a trigger to complete the course to the success layer of your results slide in Storyline
  • Publish your Storyline project to Review 360, and choose to track by completion trigger.
  • After adding your Storyline block, export your Rise 360 for LMS and choose to track by the Storyline block.

When I tested in SCORM Cloud, I was able to produce an "incomplete" result after failing the quiz in the Storyline block because the trigger to complete the course was only on the passing (success) layer of the quiz results slide in the Storyline interaction.

I hope that helps!

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone! Quick update on a small but powerful change we made to the quiz results page:

We’ve added an option to choose a continue button style on the quiz results page. Now, your learners will see the familiar continue button that adopts your course theme color if you select this option in the quiz settings.

You'll need to preview the entire course (not just the quiz) to see this new feature in action. You can change the text of this button in your course labels -- it's in the Quiz & Knowledge check section.

We’re here if you have questions about how this feature works, and we'll continue to post any other updates to the quiz results page here in the future.