Sep 19, 2022

Hi there,

I have been using Rise for at least 5 years. I have thousands of courses. Can you PLEASE make a couple of efficiency changes to Rise? I requested this once before about a year or two ago and received no response and no change has been made.

1. Please allow the user to open a course in a new tab. Currently, when you have to go back to your list of courses, you click the checkerboard icon in the upper left-hand part of the screen or the back button. Both options take you back to your list of courses. You have to scroll through all over again. Even with everything in folders, this is quite cumbersome. You would think the back button would take you to the last folder you were in, but it does not. 

2. PLEASE allow users to share entire folders and make teammates collaborators on all courses within a folder. Seriously...why is this change not implemented yet? When I want to make a teammate a collaborator, I have to go into each course and go through all the steps one at a time. 

PLEASE DO THIS! It's time. Thank you.

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Eric Santos

Hi Denise!

We are excited to share that we have released Rise 360 Team Folders! You can now create shared team folders in Rise 360 to organize your content and share content with collaborators even faster. We know this has been a popular feature request, and we can't wait for you to finally check it out! 

Your Rise 360 dashboard will look slightly different but don't worry. You can find all of your content, personal and shared, in the My View section. If you run into any snags or have additional questions about Rise 360 Team Folders, our team is available in this discussion or a support case.