Polling In Rise?

Hi All, 

I was wondering if anyone has an elegant solution for polling within a Rise course? The Knowledge Check and Quiz features don't work well as the KC can be taken again and again and the Quiz requires a 'right' and 'wrong' answer and then displays your percentage at the end.

At the moment I'm embedding a Google Form, however, this is also imperfect as I am unable to limit number of responses (this functionality is contingent on logging in to Google). 

Any creative fixes out there? 

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Anne Baker

I have been longing for better polling features for Rise and Storyline for forever. Poll Everywhere is just plain ugly and makes you scroll.  Others don't show results in slide or use iframes that can't be embedded in Storyline.  Please someone listen at Articulate and create a simple solution that lets us embed a poll and show the results without a bunch of ugly scrolling and branding from another company!


Ephraim Ross

Hi Anne, I don't think the Articulate team is likely to add a polling feature any time soon. But I do personally consider them a pretty crucial element to leverage when considering the fact that as humans we are highly social learners. That said, I have found a few solutions that seem to work well. 

For the average user, there are a few super easy options. Give one of the following free options a try:

  1. https://www.pollsify.com/cards
  2. https://www.easypolls.net/

After signing in and creating and saving a poll, you will find an embed code available. The code is pretty clean from the first of the two options above. You might want to trim some of the extra advertising code off of the second option.

Once you go to insert the code into an iFrame in Articulare Rise, be sure to use the following settings (pictured). Set the embed width to small in most cases, and you will likely want to ensure the 'show border' option is set to off. In my experience iframe content in Rise usually comes with a border already, and otherwise you can end up with multiple boxes displaying.

settings to use.