Possibility to Add video to Rise Home Screen

Nov 14, 2017

I have been running google analytics on our rise courses and there is a severe drop off from people who don't even click the button to start the course. We are wondering if there is a way to add a video instead of the written course description to get potential clients to excited to watch the presentation. If there was a way to skip the intro screen and start them on the first page of the presentation that would be even better. Forcing people to click "start" seems to be a big hurdle and having one less step can make all the difference.

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Brian Manges

Thanks for the feedback.  The "no sidebar" feature is a great addition.  Very convenient when developing a branching course.  However, with the sidebar off and then deleting the START COURSE label, I had no way to start the course.  I envision no sidebar and the course opens up ready for the first lesson.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Correct, you'll need to keep one or the other. I saw another post today about removing the start course/introduction page altogether, so that's something I passed along to my team. It looks like that would also work in your situation? I'm happy to share this discussion as a part of the feature request I submitted to our product team! 

Wendy McCallum

I have created a 30 Day course. I had to create an extra lesson because I can't add a video to the welcome area. The result is the official Day 1 of my course shows up as "Lesson 2 of 31" instead of Lesson 1 of 30... is there a work-around??? Can I hide the "Day 2 of 31" message maybe?? Can I create a block that is not an official lesson?