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Alyssa Gomez

Hi John!

Currently, Rise has two tracking options. You can track either by a completion percentage or a quiz lesson. 

It sounds like you would benefit from having a third tracking option, which would allow a course to be marked complete if the learner passes a pre-test. Could you elaborate on how you'd use this option in a feature request to our team? 

John Martindale


Thank you for your response.
By implementing a preTest in which participants take and if pass they have demonstrated the knowledge for understanding the content in the course and would not need to take the time to go through the course material.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

It's not yet on the roadmap, but we're always interested to hear more about how this feature would help with your course creation! 

For example, is this a feature that would be nice to have or crucial for your courses as all are created with a pre/post test and you need to track both? How do you currently accomplish this? Another authoring app? Multiple courses? 

Ideas and feature we read about in ELH we'll pass along to the product team, and you can also submit them directly  here!

Alissa Perez

We are looking for the same thing! Maybe there is still only one tracking option, based on the quiz score, but at the end of the training lessons navigating to the quiz "resets" the current results and allows learners to try again? ...we at least need to be able to control navigation based on the quiz results.

Sam Rogers

Just submitted my own feature request, this function would be very helpful indeed! When we make people who already know stuff click through to the end to show that they do, we're just training them to ignore the content we make.  But when we can provide an assessment upfront, then we can stop wasting the most knowledgeable people's time AND show people who think that they know everything already that they could actually learn a thing or two from the course that follows. 

In the past I've used this structure with other authoring tools:

  • 100% on optional pretest = pass & test out of course
  • less than 100% or bypass pretest = course and exam with 80% or better to pass
  • both assessments drawn from the same randomized question bank
Nate Marshall

I know we would love this feature as well. We are finally trying to get everything fully responsive and having to build any training with a test-out in Storyline360 instead of Rise360 is a bummer. I'd much rather be building everything in Rise except where absolutely needed for animated simulations and such. And then importing into Rise works decently enough. 

Graham Blaxell

We are currently looking to build two separate modules, one with content only and one with assessment only. Participants will complete the assessment first. If they pass they are considered to be compliant for a further 12 months, if they do not pass they must complete the content module. 

This is a pretty clunky work around but the best idea we have come up with yet.

Any other suggestions will be gratefully accepted.