Prompt to Resume not working in Rise file published to LMS

Jul 11, 2023

Hi there,

I've got a Storyline file - set to prompt to resume within a Rise file that is then published for an LMS.  When I revisit the Rise file it indicates what I've completed but the Storyline file plays from the beginning without prompting to resume.
Is that correct behaviour?  Is there a way to change that?

Thanks in advance.


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Judy Nollet

If a learner has to complete a Storyline block to enable a Continue button, the button will enable the when they complete the block, and they can move on. 

If they go to another lesson or exit the course, the Storyline block will reset when they come back. However, they will be able to navigate beyond that block without repeating it. In other words, the Continue button won't reappear if the Storyline block has been completed.

However, if the learner exits before completing a required Storyline block, then, yes, they will have to start over when they return to it.