Publish a new version of an existing item

Oct 07, 2020


Is there a way where the existing items that's been published to be updated whenever there are new updates?

Currently, whenever there's new updates to the files we've worked on, I'd need to go back to the RISE 360 and re-upload/ re-link the links. Is there any way to cut down this action?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Calvin,

There's no easy way to edit a published course, especially within an LMS. 

My advice: Establish link URLs, and don't change the URLs when you update that info. 

  • For example, suppose you have a job aid about completing a timecard. Let's call it "Complete_Timecard.pdf" for this example. 
  • Put "Complete_Timecard.pdf" wherever it is you store this type of information. 
  • Within the PDF, add a footer or other note that indicates the version number and/or date of the file. 
  • When "Complete_Timecard.pdf" needs to be updated, revise the content as needed, and edit the version info in the footer or note within the file.
  • Upload the revised version with the exact same file name as the original version. That will maintain the URL. 

This system has worked well for me and my main client. Of course, I realize it's not always possible. But at least it works for some situations. 

Another tip: Avoid linking a course directly to outside URLs that are out of your company's control. Instead, consider providing those via a web page or PDF that is linked to (but not stored within) the published course.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Calvin!

As Judy mentioned, I would recommend hosting your resources on a web server. Then, embed the resource in the Rise 360 lesson using a multimedia embed block. 

That way, any updates you make to the resource on the web server (without changing the URL) will be automatically reflected in your Rise 360 published course.

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Hi Alyssa,

I'm actually referring to updating within RISE 360. When I upload my contents, will it automatically update the files that I've created earlier? Especially when I've over-written the files in SL360.

For example: I had a content that's named 123-part1 that was published earlier and I've used the link in this and placed into RISE 360. After discovering that there are some missing parts, I'd edit the SL360 file and overwrite the content of 123-part1.

I understand that it would be overwritten in RISE 360 but would it automatically update the latest contents in the, where I had created earlier?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Calvin! Thanks for clarifying. 

It sounds like you have embedded Storyline 360 content in a Rise 360 lesson, is that right? 

If you're using a Storyline block and you update your Storyline content in Review 360, those updates will not appear in Rise 360 until you delete and re-add the relevant Storyline blocks.

Let me know if that answers your question!

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Hi Karl,

I understand that it can't be done but maybe I've said it wrongly. What I meant was after updating the files and republishing them onto RISE 360, is there any way where the update file in RISE360, be updated in the blocks of rise.articulate? (It's yet been converted into SCORM. Just the blocks that's been updated).

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Hi Alyssa,

What I'm saying is as follow: (This is the process)

1. Convert contents from SL360 onto RISE360,

2. Content will appear in RISE, under

3. New courses are then created under


However, in the event that there are changes in the SL360 contents, I would need to repeat the process except for creating a new course. In this case, I would need to replace the existing contents within the courses created.

So, what I'm asking is, since I have chosen "Publish a new version of an existing item" in SL360 and the intended contents are replaced in RISE, won't the courses that were "updated" or "replaced" be reflected on the existing"course" that were created?

Karl Muller

The process to add a Storyline block to a Rise course, and the process to update an existing Storyline block already in a Rise course are for the most part identical.

There are only minor differences in step 3 and 4.

Add a new Storyline block to a Rise course:

  1. Create Version 1 content in Storyline 360.
  2. Publish Version 1 content from Storyline 360 to Review 360.
  3. In Rise 360, create a new Storyline block.
  4. Select the Version 1 content Storyline file from Review 360.

Updating an existing Storyline block already in a Rise course:

  1. Update Version 1 content to Version 2 in Storyline 360.
  2. "Publish a new version of an existing item" (Version 2) content from Storyline 360 to Review 360.
  3. In Rise 360, edit the existing Storyline block. Choose to Change the Storyline file.
  4. Select the Version 2 content Storyline file from Review 360.

Only now do you have the new Version 2 content Storyline file in your Rise course.

Crystal Horn

Karl's got it exactly right: When you add a Storyline block to Rise, it is pulling in all of the Storyline files as they are at that time. The block doesn't stay connected to Review 360 where Storyline updates will be published. Once the interaction is copied into Rise, it's no longer referring back to Storyline 360 or Review 360.

You'll have to edit the block in Rise whenever there's a change to your Storyline interaction. 

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Hi Alyssa,

I understand your point. I'm asking for a feature which might be useful, so that we don't need to update here and there. What's more, iet's say if we were to have hundreds of various blocks to change/ update, it's tough to find what we want as well. Therefore I find that if there is an option for users to replace the links that are related to the content that's changed, it would help reduce errors OR even increase productivity.