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Crystal Horn

Hi there Nathalia!  Check out this Peek screencast that Justin made explaining how you can get your Rise content on your website.

If your website is set up to allow users to log in with passwords, you can restrict access to your Rise course through that mechanism.  If you would like to take advantage of Rise's password protection feature, you can simply use the Share link that Rise generates and check to include a password.  Note:  The password you choose will be the same for all users taking your course through the Rise link.

Let us know if that helps!

VIAVI Sales Enablement

Is it necessary to zip the file and place it on your websites server to integrate it into your site? Or can I just send my web team a Animated GIF (that grabs users attention) and link a click action on the GIF to open the Https://rise.etc... address? I want to know about this requirement because I find Rise to be an attractive platform for developing and updating tutorial content without involving the web team every time I make a change.

I intend to use Rise for free customer training on our products as well as potentially creating courses your our channel sales partners. I know the second use case is a seperate integration issue because our partner portal is JIVE based and sits behind a Firewall to keep unauthorized persons from accessing confidential materials.

Crystal Horn

Hi Evan! You’ll want to keep in mind how heavy the traffic will be for your course and what you’d like to control — For tracking and viewer analytics, you’ll want to take advantage of the option to export your course for LMS or web. This application might suit your channel sales partners better.

We’re happy to offer an efficient solution for light sharing of your content with the Share URL.  I think it’s a great idea to leverage the ability to host and update your Rise course all in one place if you don’t need tracking capabilities!

VIAVI Sales Enablement

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the response. So If I am understanding you correctly, in order to get detailed analytics on user click location and frequency for example I would need to zip the file for Web. Maybe I can get the webteam to give me access to their FTP for uploading subsequent versions without a formal request. This is assuming I keep the same Animated GIF "attention grabbers" to serve as the hyperlink buttons that lead to the course.

I already get video views and engagement rates via Brightcove (Most of the content on the course will be videos).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evan, 

Tracking clicks and where the user spends the most time in a course isn't something built directly into Rise, but it could be something your LMS has at the ready and you could also look at what options are available from Google analytics. I know a few users were getting started with setting those up in this forum discussion so you may also want to reach out to them and see if they have any other ideas! The "contact me" button on an individual's ELH profile can be used to message them directly.

VIAVI Sales Enablement

The only problem that might exist is leakage of your company's sensitive information using the share link. Its a public link with simple password protection. So it all depends on information security policies that you have to abide by otherwise the share link is a great way to easily link rise courses to websites without detail backroom integration.

Judy Cornelius

Another security question here. I cannot get the Rise course to run on Canvas LMS. It will load but freezes. For this reason, I am not tracking inside the course. Instead, I created a course in the LMS and added the link to the Rise course. Only members of our domain can get to the course in the LMS. What is the security risk in this case? Are there other security measures Rise offers?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

 Hi Judy, 

What link have you used inside your LMS to link to Rise?

If you're using the Share  link that means it could be copied and shared with anyone else, and they wouldn't need to go through your LMS to see it. 

I'd like to help you with the course freezing in your LMS, as uploading into your LMS using the Rise export options will provide you tracking, security within the LMS and all the benefits that LMS hosting has to offer.

Can you tell me more about what browser you're viewing it in? Are you pointing to the indexapi.html file?

Judy Cornelius

I’m using Chrome. It’s the company default. We have had minor issues
viewing through Chrome but recently tested and couldn’t repeat the issue.
I’ve requested whitelist also.

Yes, that’s the file. Thank you for the support. I’m working with a huge
course and the launch date is next week.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elvira!

Are these the steps you followed?  From your Downloads folder...

  1. Right-click the zipped file and select Extract All.
  2. Click Extract.
  3. Once the file has finished extracting, double-click the Content folder.
  4. Double-click Index.
  5. A new browser window/tab should open, and you should see your Rise course there.

Let me know if that helps!