Pulling Content I Built into a Different Course

Mar 22, 2023

I created 3 individual courses that I now want to combine into 1 longer form course. Is there a way to pull in the content to a new course, or do I have to re-do all of the work in a new course? When I click "Add Content" I see the option to pull something from Rise, but don't see my created content library.

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Karl Muller


Yes, this can be done although it requires several steps.

Create your new longer course where you want the combined content from the other 3 courses to reside. 

Exit the new course. 

Access the first of the "old" three courses. 

Hover the mouse over the name of the first Lesson. At the far right (right of the EDIT CONTENT button) you will see three dots. Click on them.

Choose: Copy to another course.

Find the name of the new longer course and click on it.

The selected lesson will be copied to the new longer course.

Repeat this step for each Lesson in the current course.

Then go to the second and third courses and repeat the lesson copy process.

Access the new longer course. You will see all of the Lessons that you copied.

You can drag the Lessons up and down to change the position of the Lessons in the list.