Question bank in Rise?


I very much love Rise and would like to recommend it for my organization. The only (major) obstacle is that it seems impossible to develop a series of question banks in Rise. That for me, is a deal breaker.

Still, this should be pretty easy to incorporate. Could you please tell me if that is in the pipe works? I cannot think of a more needed feature.

Many thanks,

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Luis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

We've got the request for question banks in Rise documented; I've attached this discussion to its report, so we can keep you updated with any new information! My teammate, Crystal, shared some great possibilities here and here. Fingers crossed those can work in the meantime!

We're always looking at new features as well as updating existing ones, so your input is vital in that process! Thanks again, and feel free to share any other thoughts here or through our Feature Request form!

Luis Pinheiro

I have to admit I'm quite frustrated by Articulate's lack of response on this somewhat easy to implement and essential feature. We've been asking for it for months.

We have deployed a course that has obtained nearly 50,000 completions over 2 months. This feature is essential. Makes me wonder if it is worth even considering using Rise when the course comes up for revision...

Justin Spicer

"Easy to implement" by whose standards? Coding, and including something new that also interacts with existing code, is not "easy to implement". Not trying to be rude, I just think we, as consumers, have become a little entitled and forget the work that goes into building robust products with features we all want from Articulate. Clearly I stumbled on this thread because I, too, am in need of a question bank but I also understand it is not easy to implement.