Question bank in Rise?

Aug 06, 2018


I very much love Rise and would like to recommend it for my organization. The only (major) obstacle is that it seems impossible to develop a series of question banks in Rise. That for me, is a deal breaker.

Still, this should be pretty easy to incorporate. Could you please tell me if that is in the pipe works? I cannot think of a more needed feature.

Many thanks,

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Ann-Marie Pickles

Had a look at this yesterday and it appears to be working as expected. The only problem I see is that the best functionality in a Storyline quiz is the settings to only show incorrect questions when users gets it wrong. We want our users to either get 80 or 100% correct in quizzes and they are sent on a vicious loop if they must pass the quiz and end up getting all questions again. Is this incorrect question functionality going to be part of the question bank/quiz feature?

Andrew Longson

I need some help please as I'm missing something here.  I've looked at all the links above and followed the instructions to create a question bank of 14 questions.  I've gone to my course and inserted a lesson and selected the quiz option but this doesn't seem to have changed and there are no options to select from a question bank.  I also need to know what the setting options are for the bank (i.e. how many questions does it know to draw), but getting it working first would be helpful.  What am I missing?

Karl Muller

Hi Andrew, 

After creating your question bank, create a new Quiz in your destination Rise course.

Edit the new Quiz and delete both questions that are created by default.


Choose Draw From Question Bank.

Navigate to the question bank and select it.

On the page that opens, click the Draw selection settings drop-down.

Choose either Random questions or Specific questions.

If you chose Random questions, specify the Number of questions in draw.

If you chose Specific questions, select the required questions by clicking the check boxes on the right. 

Finally, click on INSERT in the bottom right-hand corner. Note that the insert button label text will change for Random or Specific questions.

If you chose Random questions, the insert button label will be INSERT DRAW.

If you chose Specific questions, the insert button label will be INSERT N QUESTIONS.

After clicking INSERT, the quiz will be populated based on your selections.

Andrew Longson

Amazing thank you so much.

Just tested and it works (almost) perfectly.  :-)

One question I have is that I wonder if I'm able to have random questions in the draw but have one particular question always appear regardless.  On first try this doesn't seem to be an option and you can definitely do this in Storyline.  Thanks again.  

Anne De Felice

Hi, I love the Question Bank, but I cannot figure out how to make updates/edits in the Question Bank and have the updates go to the Quiz in Rise. (I don't want to do the updates in Rise directly because I want to keep the Question bank up-to-date)

Every time I want to update questions, I have to delete all the questions from the Quiz in Rise, and then insert from the Draw again. Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

I enquired about this with Support and was told "You don't need to add a new question draw when you update the question bank. However, you must update its settings by clicking the "Edit" button from the question draw." However, I cannot figure out where the "Edit" button is.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anne. You might be using some team question banks that you don't have permission to edit. Check out this 1 minute video where I explain.

It sounds like you could be getting caught with the draws themselves not updating to include new question bank content. When you add a draw to a quiz, it will be added with the settings you choose at that time. For example, if I add a new question to a bank, existing draws from that bank may not include the new question due to their settings.

We have a feature request to update all of the individual draws when a question bank is updated, and I'm going to add this discussion so we can keep you updated about that!

Cloudtrainer Ltd

Hello, I'm also having the same issue with editing the number of questions in a draw. How do i bring the question bank into Rise with the correct settings for number of questions? I've got a bank of 20 and want the user to be given 5 random questions. At the moment they just get one. Any help much appreciated

Angelo Cruz

Hi Catherine! If you are using the Question Banks in a Knowledge Check block, you won't be able to specify the number of questions or be drawn from your bank. As Chino mentioned, you can only draw one question from the bank since a Knowledge Check is only one question.

You can specify the number of questions to be drawn when you use the Question Banks in a Quiz. See this article to know more about Using Question Banks to Create Knowledge Checks and Quizzes.

Karl Muller

Hi Clary,

Create a new Quiz.

Delete the two questions that are created by default.

Click ADD QUESTION at the bottom of the question panel.

Choose Draw from question bank

Select the previously created Question Bank you will be using.

On the page that opens, you have the drop-down choice of:

  • Random Questions
  • Specific questions

If you select Random Questions, use the Number of questions in draw drop-down to choose the number of random of questions to include in the draw.