Question bank in Rise?

Aug 06, 2018


I very much love Rise and would like to recommend it for my organization. The only (major) obstacle is that it seems impossible to develop a series of question banks in Rise. That for me, is a deal breaker.

Still, this should be pretty easy to incorporate. Could you please tell me if that is in the pipe works? I cannot think of a more needed feature.

Many thanks,

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Andrew Longson

It seems that this thread started 3 years ago and many have voiced an opinion for this!  Is there something in the pipeline or is it simply that it can't be done?  I think I would rather be told it can't be done than have to wait so long!

P.S. I'm a potential customer that has just started the trial period. :-( 

Erika Huezo

Also adding my voice for this feature! Glad to see it's in the works. 

Does anyone know if Articulate shares a list of requested features and their roadmap? I see this feature has been requested through other discussions. It would be great to be able to "upvote" existing requests and see where in the pipeline they are if this doesn't already exist.