Question-level LMS tracking in Rise

May 04, 2018

Hi. I'm pretty sure the following is not currently possible, but I wanted to ask the question just to make certain...

I am using a Storyline block in a Rise course. The Storyline block includes several questions. I would like to see how the learner responds to the questions. This is important because they're the part of the course evaluation, and we need to see what they thought of the course.

I am tracking completion using the Storyline block.

Will Rise report how the learner responded to the individual questions?

Is this the functionality that is supposed to be released within the next month?



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Crystal Horn

Hi Chris.  Great question.  To track Storyline output, it needs to be published for LMS.  When you add a Storyline interaction to Rise, it has been published for Articulate 360 and doesn’t have the language to communicate learners' quiz responses.

For Rise, we’re working toward release question-level data on Rise quiz lessons specifically.

Do you need to track the SL survey responses in an LMS, or can they come in another format?

Chris Petrizzo

Hi Crystal. Sorry for the delayed response. I went on vacation shortly after I posted my question. Yes, for consistency and completeness in reporting, we need to track learner feedback in our LMS.

I want to make sure I am understanding your comments regarding Storyline interactions in Rise. So if:

  1. I create questions in Storyline
  2. I include those questions in a Storyline block in my Rise course
  3. I track course progress and completion using that Storyline block
  4. I export for LMS and upload it to my LMS

Will the course communicate question-level data to the LMS?

Again, what I really need at this time, is to get a satisfaction score, and also gather any comments the learner may share about the course.

Also, do you have a timeline on when Rise quiz lessons will be able to communicate question-level data?

Thank you so much.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Chris,

When you create questions in Storyline and embed them using a Storyline Block, you can use that Storyline block to track Rise course completion. This will simply communicate to the LMS whether the learner completed or did not complete the Rise course. At this time, you will not be able to capture answer data on the Storyline quiz questions. 

Our team is still looking at adding a feature to allow you to track question-level data for Rise quiz questions, and we're targeting to release that feature by this quarter. Some Rise timelines may shift as we test and look at implementing new features, so we'll let you know as soon as this is ready.

Thanks for your patience as we work to make a product you can love!

Chris Petrizzo

Thanks again, Crystal and Alyssa. My LMS Admin did some testing, and it appears that we are now getting question-level data from Rise Quiz Lessons. This is good news! But we're still hoping for that functionality from a Storyline Block as well. Do you know if SL Block question-level reporting is planned or under development, and if so, what the timeline might be?



Katie Riggio

Hi there, Chris. Your LMS admin is right! 🌟As of yesterday, Rise courses will send question-level details to an LMS – so you can observe what learners know and where they need more help.

While quiz details are not reported for Storyline blocks at this time, I've shared your thoughts in the form of a feature request with our product team! You should receive an email confirmation about it shortly. Thanks again for letting us know how really important having such features are to you, and we'll certainly let you know once we have any updates!

Martika Cox

Hi Nicole,

It sounds like you want to be able to track Storyline block question level data in Rise, correct? Right now, there isn’t a way to do this.

I don’t currently have any updates, but you are now subscribed to this conversation which means as we share updates here, you’ll automatically be notified.

Angela Kim

Hi, I see that Rise can now send question-level details to the LMS. Is it possible to send/report all question-level details of every question that is answered by the learner in the entire Rise course to the LMS? Or would only the responses to questions included in the quiz that is selected as the basis for tracking/completion in the publish settings the ones that are sent to the LMS? We would like to capture all of the responses in a Rise course.

Martika Cox

Hi Angela,

It sounds like you want access to question-level results from multiple quizzes in a Rise course is that correct?

This is possible with Rise, as we report raw data from all quizzes in a course. You’ll just need to understand how to work with your LMS to extract that detail.  

I’d recommend reaching out to your LMS vendor for more information.

In the meantime, if I can help with anything else please let me know.

Justin McGee

Hi Guys. I am working with our LMS admin to get question level data from Rise and we can't seem to get it utilizing 1.2. Going to try 2004, but unsure of the edition. Anyone have any suggestions on what has worked in your LMS? 

UPDATE: Using 2nd edition we were able to get 6 out of the 10 questions specific metrics, but unsure of what is going on with the other 4. Staff? 

Jean-Guy  Boulay

The data being reported is limited to 64k characters, so if your text heavy it might be the problem. Also, In my experience working with Storyline, I know that any data that begins with a numerical value will fail to report. For example

How may shots is a Birdie in golf?

  • 1 under par //this will not report
  • 2 under par //this will not report
  • One over par //this will report
  • One under par ///this will report
Taren Cunningham

Any update on this?

  1. Is it still true that quiz details for a Storyline block cannot be reported to the LMS?
  2. Can you confirm if Jean-Guys post where he states "data that begins with a numerical value will fail to report" is correct? Is that a known issue for Rise? or Just something experienced in Storyline?
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Taren, great questions!

  1. You can track the quiz score by choosing the quiz tracking option when you publish from Storyline to Review 360, and then choosing to track the Rise course by the Storyline block. In that scenario, the quiz score will be sent to the LMS, but question-level details aren't sent to the LMS for Storyline blocks.
  2. It sounds like Jean-Guy Boulay and Justin McGee are referring to a Rise 360 quiz reporting issue, not a Storyline Block issue. Rise 360 does not send question-level details from the Storyline Block to your LMS, but I'll let our team know you need that option.
Jean-Guy  Boulay

I was actually referring to just SL360, and should point out that I tested this several builds ago on two LMS's to verify it. The Quiz and question results will report just fine, but in past SL360 builds the question level details would fail to report if the answers started with a number. By details I mean if the administrator wanted to see exactly what was chosen, they would see a blank entry. The answer would still report as correct or incorrect, but fail to record the choice.

I haven't tested this in the latest build of SL360 because I've since changed the format of my question structure in order to save time in the QA process, I simply don't start my answers with numbers. If this issue was fixed then that's great news. 

Now if you want to record question level details in storyline through Rise you'll need to setup cmi statements in a javascript trigger and send those details through the Rise Scorm api, which can be accessed by referencing

/*Get player to reference*/
var player = GetPlayer();
/*get LMS API*/
var lmsAPI =;

I used the cmi.interactions in the scorm runtime api to record the question level data. 
I hope I understood the question.