Question-level LMS tracking in Rise

Hi. I'm pretty sure the following is not currently possible, but I wanted to ask the question just to make certain...

I am using a Storyline block in a Rise course. The Storyline block includes several questions. I would like to see how the learner responds to the questions. This is important because they're the part of the course evaluation, and we need to see what they thought of the course.

I am tracking completion using the Storyline block.

Will Rise report how the learner responded to the individual questions?

Is this the functionality that is supposed to be released within the next month?



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Andi Baes

Hi team, I've uploaded an Articulate Rise quiz to Tin Canny and embedded the file to a LearnDash Quiz Page (rather than embedding it in a Lesson.)

However, it is not tracking the completion of the quiz at all. I have tried exporting the file to SCORM and TinCan but still not luck. Can you please advice if this is actually possible or if this would only work within lessons? or Would I be better off using Grassblade rather than TinCanny?