Question marks appearing in Translation from VTT file

Aug 21, 2023


When adding a German translation file to a Rise video I am getting question marks appearing where non-english characters are.

Please see the attached image - the text should say "Überprüfen der Aussenverhältnisse" so the umlauts are not recognised. I have similar French translations with accents which work ok.

I searched a similar thread from 4 years ago so I'm hoping there is a fix since then...

Thanks for any help


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Dave Brown

Hi Chino

Yes, Dexter fixed the issue but wasn't actually able to explain how...

I tried a few things and found that when the VTT file is saved in notepad, if it is encoded to ANSI then the question marks arrive, but with a format set to UTF-8 the text appears as expected.

If someone's Notepad default is ANSI the problem will arise in that case.