Quiz is not responsive

I built a quiz in storyline to be able to add it into my rise360 course. The storyline course does not fit into rise360 very nicely. I am using the modern style as well so I know that's not the problem. When I switch to the mobile player it wont allow me to do it, but I can do it on my phone its just really small. Is there a way to make the storyline quizzes more responsive on rise? 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Maddie! Storyline blocks in Rise 360 will display using the responsive player style. The player is responsive and will use the available screen space, but it will never stretch or move your slide content to fit a device. 

This article shows how the modern player should look on your mobile device, and it will look the same even when your Storyline interaction is hosted in Rise 360.

Let me know if you have more questions!