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Mar 28, 2019

Hey all!

Has anyone got a quick fix for this? I have built a lovely workbook for learners using Rise- I love Rise..

I have made three separate projects covering three separate section of a practical course; Rise is what I've chosen as the learner reference material.. great so far.

I added 'knowledge checks' at the end of each project- but found I can't use them to track progress; they needed to be added as 'quizzes'- I live and learn!

So, I now have three knowledge checks - est 15 questions each of varying question type. I want to report of these. Do I have to recreate these all using the quiz option when I add content, or can I 'convert' the knowledge checks into quizzes in some beautiful way?

I think I know the answer - but can someone save me extra leg work?!

Thank you!

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Tom Carter

Thanks Phil!


I thought that would be the case! When you say 'not more than one', you don't mean not more than one question in the quiz do you? I see that you can add more questions in the Quiz option. if you mean the three separate projects, I am publishing each one on our LMS and am hoping to set a pre-req of 80% on each quiz to allow access to the next project (or in my case workbook)..


Ta again

Johan Grobler

Hi Guys! I realize this thread is already 8 months old.. But I have just fallen into the same trap!

Is there still no way to change a "Lesson" to a "Quiz"?
It would be easy to duplicate the Lesson, remove the learning content to leave only "Knowledge Check" questions, and then change that to a "Quiz"

Hope there is a solution here, apart from rebuilding.. I have quite an extensive workbook with knowledge checks at the end of the lessons.


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