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Dec 23, 2016

Hi all. I'm new to RISE. I am exploring the quizzing features and am finding them lacking. I'm I correct in that there is only one right answer question type? For example. I see no options for the following question types:

-Drag and Drops

-Mix and Match

- Select All that Apply 

What variety of quiz question types are there using RISE?

Thank you in advance for your input!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi  Amy,

Thanks for checking in - we will be rolling out new question types over the next few months! I don't have a full list of types to share yet, but while you wait for those new types you could use all the question types available in Storyline 360 (as both are a part of the entire Articulate 360 subscription).  Storyline has the responsive player which will allow for great playback on your mobile devices. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Amy!  You're in the right place!

Now that you've commented, you'll be subscribed to this discussion where we can update you on new developments specific to quizzing.

For the Quiz lesson type, you can add more questions as you are editing your lesson.

Just click that black box beneath the question list!  Here's a Peek at how that's done.


Have you been able to try Storyline 360 as well?  It's easy to use, too, and you can easily customize your course to achieve all the goals you listed!

Clingendael Academy -  Communication

I'm not liking the undertone of this response, to he honest. People are asking about additional question types in Rise, not Storyline. The continuous referral to Storyline makes me suspect the changes to Rise, which have been said to be forthcoming throughout, are not forthcoming at all.

Can you tell us anything more about the proposed timeline for the requested updates to Rise? I would be most grateful to receive a concrete answer.

Nicola Fern

I've got so many things I feel I could use rise for right now, but am prevented by it's limitations, particularly in the question types and interactions. I'd love the ability to accept text-based answers and also likert-type responses...the particular use case for this is in reflection on feelings and practice in an unfolding video scenario.  The ability to branch to different 'lessons' would also be great, as you could then do interactive video scenarios.

Crystal Horn

Hey Amy, Paul and Nicola! First, I wanted to apologize that I didn't respond right away.  I wrote a draft of my reply, and then I never posted it.  Really sorry about that!

I truly appreciate the time you all took to share your thoughts. Nicola, I’m going to include those ideas about question types in our features documentation.

Amy, I've reached out to our customer success team to see if they can get you the examples and info you need. They can help with extending your trial, too!

Also, thanks for sharing about how Rise appeared in Edge. We have added support for Microsoft Edge in Windows, so please test out authoring and let me know if you're still seeing the same behavior!

Paul, I completely understand your sentiment here, and I’m sorry if you felt like I was shoving you off to another product. I like to make sure that everyone who tries Articulate 360 knows about all the tools that are at their fingertips.

Rise will be rolling out new question types as they are ready, and I expect that to start within the next month or so.

We release features as soon as they’re done so we can get them in your hands as fast as possible! Here’s what we’ve done so far.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

Are you using the quiz lesson type? If so, the quiz results screen should appear after you've answered all the questions in one quiz and look like the example here.  Here's a quick example of a quiz with 2 questions and one results screen. 

You can change how answers are revealed after the question is answered as one of the quiz settings shown here. 

Let me know if you're seeing something else or I'm misunderstanding! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Storyline blocks won’t report quiz data to an LMS. You can track Rise courses by completion percentage or a quiz lesson

This was such a popular request, we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible - but we've already got more goodness planned around maturing this feature! We'll keep you posted as those items roll out. 

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Ashley, for the quick response. I will keep on using the built-in
Rise quizzes. And really, I kind of enjoy how limitations forces you to get
creative. For instance, you can create multi-select questions in Rise --
you just have to write your questions differently. E.g.,

Which of the below is NOT considered the best prog rock bands of the the
-*Thin Lizzy*
-Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Yes, people will complain that NOT questions aren't kosher, but

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