Quote carousel with no quotations?

Aug 02, 2018


I love the layout and functionality of the quote carousel but don't want to use it for quotations. Is there a way to remove the quotations?  Or a workaround for using some other block to approximate the same basic experience?

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Colin McEwan

We need a text only carousel. Or text AND image. I have to find an interaction that can take text only but without adding "Step" in one of them and without adding "" in the other... pretty limiting I think. And little like babysitting your subscribers. Pretty sure we're capable of adding quotations and titles ourselves IF we need them. Thanks.


Marc Crawford

One option - just remove all the text from the Quote area box, click the circled "+" button that appears and add a single-cell table. You may need to remove columns or rows. Colour it if you like, make it as big as you want, stick your text in (change its colour too!) and there you go. A box with no quote marks. 

Karl Muller

FYI, since this was rolled out https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/introducing-enhanced-quote-and-list-blocks quotation marks are no longer hard coded, but part of the text.

While the quotation marks still  appear when you create a default block, you can simply edit the block and delete them.