« French » Quotation Marks in Quote Blocks

May 29, 2019

When using Quote blocks is there a way to use « French » style quotation marks rather than "English." By default it appears that only English work for Quote A, C, D, Quotes on image, and Quote carousel. Am I missing something? 

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Brett Rockwood

Hi Crystal. Thanks for chiming in. I suspected it wasn't supported. I wonder if that could be something included with the Label translations as French isn't the only language that uses different quotation marks. Japanese comes to mind as another one with very different marks.

Thanks for putting in the feature request as well.

Kim Peterson

Hello, I have a related question. Is there a way to eliminate the auto quotes on quote blocks? The carousel is a great interactive tool that I'd like to use--but not with the auto-populated quotes. The card carousel alternative takes up too much real-estate for the text I need to display in my case. Thanks!

Michael Bellis

I would also like to add my interest in this feature request, please. For custom quotes. Or a way to adjust image width in a Text & Image block, so that width takes 75% and image takes 25% of the space. As at the moment this doesn't seem possible, but would make matching the quote layout feasibly if it were.

Beth Cougler Blom

I would also like to put in my vote to remove the English quote marks from those quote blocks. I can't use most of them when creating the French version of my client's course. In Canada, this is very relevant as we have two official languages: French and English. Has anything been updated in terms of this in Rise? I would like to be able to use the image-based quote blocks but they are not an option when needing to use French quote marks.