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Crystal Horn

Hey Heather!  The prebuilt Quote blocks will keep the default formatting of the quotation marks.  I can see how with an option like Quote D, the marks feel like they should adopt the same font color.  Let me talk this over with my team.

In the meantime, would using a Text or Statement block type be an acceptable workaround?  Or possibly an Image + Text block?

Michelle Rakar

I agree that this feature would be really helpful! I've been using quote blocks to have an icon next to text in a centered format, so using the quote blocks have been able to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, without being able to change the color of the quotations in these quote blocks, I haven't been able to use dark background colors, since it's not very appealing to see dark quotations on a dark-colored background. I've attached an image to this post to further illustrate this.

If you could add this feature to change the color of the quotations with the text color, that would be ideal!

Debra Simon

Another similar comment - Placing an end quote in the 'quote on image' or providing the option for the user to add a matching close quote would be helpful. When people review this block, they don't always realize the opening quote is an artistic choice. They think having a missing close quote or a non-matching close quote (if it's typed in) are editing mistakes. 

Daniel Mitchell

Related would be font size. This is a recent example of what happens if I try to increase the font size for my company's requirements—obviously the quotation marks are way too small now. 

Quote with font size increased.

Alternately, please give us a Statement Block that is similar to the quote blocks, allowing the small picture window that gives us full control of the text, whether we include quotations marks or not. This would solve the font color, French and German requirements, size, etc. (Feature request 02764278 submitted using http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/submit.php?form=feature)