Regaining content deleted from a Rise course

Nov 15, 2022

Due to a misunderstanding, in error I deleted some text blocks from a published Rise course, which I would now like to get back again.

The Undo option for such deletions only appears on the screen for a few seconds before disappearing.  Is there any way that I can get that info back (from a stored archive or the like) without having to type it all over from scratch?


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Angelo Cruz

Hi Graeme! I'm sorry to hear that you accidentally deleted some text blocks in your Rise course.

We've improved the visibility and functionality of the undo notification that appears when you delete blocks and lessons. Unfortunately, we don't have a way of recovering deleted lessons or blocks.

Creating duplicates of your courses before editing the original one is a great way to prevent issues like these in the future. The duplicate will act as a backup which you can copy blocks or lessons from.

We're currently tracking requests for a feature to revert to a previous version of your course, I'll add you to that list and keep you posted if we make changes that will help.