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Arith Hsu


We also noticed that each component may have character limits, and once it get translated, text will be truncated. We want to let the course designer knows to be aware of that, but if there is a list of character limit for each component, that would be a great help.

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My observations:

  • Course title / Section title: 100
  • Sorting block: 80
  • Sorting block - Category: 130
Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Molly!

While we don't have one resource that lists the character limits for all block types, we do list the character limit of text fields in a Scenario Block here:

  1. Enter a statement or question up to 200 characters and select a character pose.
  2. Type a response up to 150 characters and press Enter. Each dialogue can have up to three responses, each with its own character pose.
  3. Enter feedback for the response—up to 200 characters. This will appear as dialogue text coming from the character. Feedback isn’t required, but we recommend it!