Retaining text inputs on Storyline interactions in Rise 360

Hello, I have integrated several Storyline interactions that use text inputs into a course on Rise 360. I am using these for reflection questions throughout the course. When I have used text inputs in Storyline courses, the text will save when a user navigates away from or returns to the slide. However, when a user navigates away from or returns to the section of the course in Rise containing the Storyline interactions, the text does not save. Is there a way to save the text so users can access it if they want to navigate back through the Rise course? I have attached a screenshot for reference. The "Submit" button contains a "complete course" trigger so that the user can navigate to the next portion of the module. Thank you! 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi There! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience with us! Could you please let us know which browser version you used when you experienced this?

If it's okay with you, it may also help if you send us a copy of the Storyline file itself so we can test it on our end. Can you please open up a case with us here?