Return to Rise lesson/course after closing content link tab

I've built a multi-lesson course in Rise with links to videos, PDFs, etc embedded in the content blocks. The Rise course itself opens from our LMS in a separate browser window (but not a browser tab). When a learner clicks a content link in the Rise course, it opens in a new tab. When the learner finishes and closes the tab, the Rise course seems to have disappeared. It's still an open browser window in the browser, but it isn't visible right there. If they don't know to look in their browser icon, they will think they're lost and have to open the Rise course again from the LMS. They end up with dozens of Rise course windows that they can't see after they close content tabs. Shouldn't they always be returned to the window with the Rise course? There has to be a solution for this.

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Laura Winzen

When we clicked the link in the LMS the Rise course would open in a window, not a tab. So we finally figured out how to force it to open in a tab in the link code and that solved the problem. Now when you run a video or something and then close that tab, you're right back at the Rise course. Much better!

Lisa Ede

Hi Laura, 

How did you do that please with the code? I'm having the same issue and also thought opening a new tab was the same as opening a new window? I've tried both displaying in a new browser window and also current browser window but either way, the learners can't get back onto their course without going back to the original starting place on the LMS and starting it again. Any help or workarounds much appreciated! For info, we are unfortunately using Workday LMS :-(

Grace Durnford

We are also using Workday LMS and having this same issue. Many learners are complaining that anytime they follow a link in the course (to a policy, etc) it "closes" the course and they have to start over again. I think it's actually probably still an open browser window in the browser, but because it isn't visible right there they think it's closed.