Review Mode in LMS shows blank screen using SCORM RISE

Aug 12, 2020

I know this question may not be your remit, but I am desperate because I cannot figure it out. I am having issues where some users see a BLANK SCREEN in 'review mode' when re-accessing a scorm package exported from RISE and uploaded to the LMS.  I don't know why, because only some users experience this. Tearing my hair out!

Thank you awesome community!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kim,

You came to the right place for help! I have a few questions that will help us narrow down why this is happening:

  • Is this a problem you have been able to recreate in your own testing?
  • When learners reported this issue to you, did they tell you what web browser they were using?
  • Does this problem happen with only one Rise 360 course, or all of your courses?
Kim Rushbrooke

Good morning from (here in Lockdown Melbourne)!  Thank you for the always swift response from Articulate.  Answers to your questions:

  • Q1 - Yes I was able to recreate the issue in my own Totara Test course, using the exact same packages (old replaced by new).  I have attached a screen shot as evidence of what is happening. Nothing much to see, just a blank screen!
  • Q2 - No, I didn't get reports as to what browsers the users were using to access the course.
  • Q3 - Yes, this problem has (randomly) happened with only one or two courses. This issue happened for the first time for us, about 2 mths ago. 
    Never seen the issue before and thought -- this is a once off! But no, now this week it happened again! Prompting me to go to the community to see if its ever happened with others. Found the thread where it happened about 2 years ago.
  • Its important to note that, our organisation reports on user performance for KPIs so all updated scorms must have historical completion data for past attempts.

Thank you so much for helping us.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Kim!

You mentioned that you must retain historical completion data for past attempts. Does that mean you cannot clear the suspend data?

If you aren't able to clear the suspend data, your LMS is possibly populating old progress data (from the first version) to the newest version. This causes a blank screen because the data doesn't match. We don't support versioning with suspend data or progress data. 

Does that sound like it matches what you're seeing?

Kim Rushbrooke

Hello Alyssa,

Have you had anyone else from the community wishing to keep historical completion data, if updating a rise package?

As an organisation that must measure and record performance data for KPIs its important completion records are kept for health staff. If this method is in fact causing the very issue we are experiencing, then we must address our current methods and find a better solution. Otherwise when re-attempting any rise course, unpredictable outcomes may be experienced.

Thank you very much for your efforts Alyssa.

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