Rise 360 - adding a lesson after adding a section - Help!

Mar 05, 2021

I attempted to break a lesson into a few sections, then create a new lesson and am having trouble. How do you get a lesson after doing sections? Image attached.

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Karl Muller

Your screenshot shows a Lesson at the top, and a Section below it.

You can add a new Lesson or Section at the bottom.

The process to create either a new Section or Lesson is mostly the same: click where it says Add a lesson title... and then type the title.

Only difference is that after typing the name, to create a Section, press SHIFT+ENTER.

To create a Lesson, type and then press ENTER.

Rhoda Green

Karl, I really appreciate your help. I have included an updated screenshot. I am confused because I am used to lessons being displayed with the lines icon. Now it looks like the lessons are bullets and the sections have no icon. Is that how it should be?

Rhoda Green
Instructional Designer


Karl Muller

Hi Rhoda,

I still see the original screenshot:

The top item is a Lesson.

Lessons and Quizzes have icons. Lesson have the "lines" icon and quizzes have the question mark.

The bottom item is a Section.

Sections are displayed as all capitals without an icon.

Did you copy the Section name from a Word document? If that is the case, that's probably where the bullet came from, as a bullet is not normally a part of  a Section title. Simply click where the bullet is and you should be able to delete it.


Karl Muller

Hi Rhoda,

It seems you are replying by email, in which case your attachments will not appear in the forum posts.

To get a new Lesson with the lines icon, click where it says Add a lesson title... and type the name of the Lesson.

After typing the name, press ENTER.

Then click ADD CONTENT and finally choose Lesson

Rhoda Green

Clearly I have a lot to learn! My apologies. I am new to Rise and to forums.

Using the Interaction Area is a lesson. I wanted 2 sections - accepting inbound and using voice card. Then, using email card is a separate lesson.  Do the bullet items represent sections? On the items with no icon, I can't seem to add content to those at all. Plus, I want to create new lessons with the lines icon. It seems like I can only get bulleted lines and lines with no icon. 

Karl Muller

Hi Rhoda,

No worries! Welcome to the forums and we are here to help.

It seems you are getting hung up on the terminology. The terms below is what Rise calls these items. It seems your definition of the terms Sections and Lesson is actually the opposite from the Rise definitions.

On your course main page you can have these three types of items:

  • SECTIONS (they have no icon and are in CAPS). They are just labels.
  • Lessons (lines icon) - this is where your content goes.
  • Quizzes (? icon) This is where your quiz questions go.

As Sections are labels only, you cannot add any content to them. Labels are merely used to provide visual organization and structure to your course. 

Based on what you are describing above. this is what I would suggest doing: