Rise 360 course not resuming in SAP Learning LMS

Aug 24, 2020

Hoping someone here can help us.  We have just started using Rise 360 and have feedback that the courses aren't resuming where they left off, the system is making them start over.  We are using SAP Learning as our LMS and Chrome as our browser (but it happens in all browsers).  I did find a temporary fix that was due to some Google Chrome Policy settings.  The Allow Sync XHR in Page has to be 'Enabled' in chrome settings and it will work.  But apparently this is a temporary fix as Google will soon remove the ability to enable this "sync XHR" button.  

I have hundreds of users that will be taking these courses and I would like to know if anyone has figured out how to let users resume the courses in SAP learning?  A colleague of mine is having the same issue with Captivate courses as well.  Thank you all for your help on this!  


Here are the directions for enabling the fix:

Go to: chrome://flags/#enable-forbid-sync-xhr-in-page-dismissal

Find the Allows synchronous XHR requests in page dismissal option and in the dropdown, choose Enabled.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katy,

Some LMS's won't receive completion data or resume properly unless you include an Exit Course link inside your Rise 360 course. Crystal shared more detail about that in her post here.

Do your courses include an Exit Course link or button? If not, there are two ways you can add it:

  1. Add a button block, and set the button destination to "Exit Course."
  2. Publish the course for LMS, and on the publishing screen, toggle the "Exit Course" link to ON. 

Please try that and let me know if you see an improvement!

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