Rise 360 cover image and logo dimensions?

Feb 20, 2020

Does anyone know the the asset dimensions for the cover photo and logos you can upload to customize your Rise courses? Or where that info might be listed? It's not visible in settings screen of a course. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Steve!

Cover photos with a 1:3 aspect ratio look beautiful in the Rise 360 cover photo area. For example, you could use an image with these dimensions: 1,000 pixels x 3,000 pixels. 

For logos, it's best to use the largest image size possible. Crop out any white space around the logo so it will fill the container as much as possible.

I hope that helps guide you!

Sheila Y

This is the first recommendation I've seen for an aspect ratio--thank you! I cropped to that ratio, and it looks great as the cover photo in a browser. But when I click to start the course and/or look at other preview formats, the subject is cut off. It appears that Rise favors the dead center of an image, and if your subject isn't there you're out of luck (believe it or not, the dog's tail really isn't what I want to feature)!



It would be really helpful if we had the ability to specify the "focus" of an image. After upload (or selection from the content library), it displays a small version of the image, you click the area you want to be the focus, and then click save. Then that part of the image displays in the designated area no matter how that area changes to be responsive. SharePoint Online has this functionality, and it works great. It would also allow us to use an image directly from the Content Library. The image above is in the library, but to get it in the 1:3 format I went to Unsplash.com, downloaded it, cropped it in Photoshop, and then uploaded. Only to still have less-than-ideal results. Thanks!

Derick Young

Yes, please add this feature, or any feature to help us get the right size. Trying to format my image and resizing it, saving, reuploading only to find out my image still is not right, well you get the idea. As soon as I think I finally got the right size, I upload and then the image gets reformatted again and back to the drawing board. Thank you for your help!

Sean G

This still seems to be an issue. I've tried different dimensions from photos I got from pixabay and none of them scale properly for the cover photo - being blown up and out of focus and beyond scope of screen. However, if you use a picture from the Content Library, it works fine. So what is the reason for this ...?

Janet Fryman

Hi Sean,
It’s on the design wish list for Rise developers to address in the future.
So we accept this along with all the other funky basics not yet fine-tuned in Rise (e.g. Cntrl Z doesn’t work either to undo anything) because of all the other great features we love about Rise!
The consolation is we’re in this together.

Wherever possible I try to find an appropriate cover photo from Articulate’s library.
Janet Fryman

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Sean and Janet! 

Thanks for the kind words about Rise, Janet! We appreciate it!

While CTRL + Z doesn't remove a block or an image, 

  • You can use the Ctrl+Z (or Cmd+Z on a Mac) for undoing your text edits in blocks. You should also be able to restore a recently deleted table.
  • When you delete an entire block or a lesson, the Undo option will appear in the lower-left for a few seconds to allow you to recover that content.

    As for cover photo troubles, we suggest cropping it to be at a 1:3 ratio which should help with sizing. For example, if you take a much larger photo from the Content Library and crop it in landscape mode to focus on a specific portion of the image, this works well as a cover photo.

    Hope that helps!