Rise 360 divider issue

I have a custom divider to separate blocks in my lessons. I used the Divider block and the brand color to set the color. The padding top and bottom are set to have no padding. The result is I get a nice thin dividing line. I created a block so I didn't have to set this up each time and until recently, there was no issue.

I am now unable to edit, move, duplicate or delete the block when it is inserted between other blocks (text, images, videos etc.). The attached video shows the issue. I am unable to select anything to be able to modify the block.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

FYI - I have a lot of these divider blocks in multiple courses so to replace them is not a good suggestion ;)

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Elizabeth Raskin

I am having the same issue. I created a divider block with no padding to see what it would look like, but now I am unable to delete or move that divider block because when I click the  delete/arrows/edit button, it automatically switches me to the the next block. 


Any recommendations for how to fix this?